Wire Friends

Wire Artists Around the World…

If you know how much fun it is to use wire as an artistic medium, and you have a creation you’d like to share… email us a photo of your wire art. Include your name and the title of your piece, and any other interesting info, such as your age, or where you live.

wire sunglasses

"Sunglasses", Corey Wyatt, New Zealand

wire pendant

Wire pendant, Jen Zimmer, Ontario, Canada

wire yoga tree

"Yoga Tree", Eugenio Jaramillo, Doral, Florida

wire basket

tealight candle holder, Richard Horner, Sweden

wire bridge

wire bridge, Ben Masters, Silverdale, Washington

wire butterfly

wire butterfly, Jaque, Porto Alegre, Brazil

wire girl

"Twirlie Girl", Nina Richards, USA

wire pegasus

"Pegasus", Luis Daniel Beltran Monreal, Mexico

wire music

"G clef", Terry Felts, Ohio, USA

wire jeep

wire jeep, Derek Condon, Scotland

pencil holder, Jaque, Porto Alegre, BRAZIL

squirrel, Mauro di Crosta, ITALY

cupid, Eric Oduro Aniagyei, Ghana

ornaments, Sissy Brackney, 60, El Cajon, California

Dean Lofthouse, AUSTRALIA

basket, Maija Pitkäniemi, FINLAND

basket, Maija Pitkäniemi, FINLAND

"Cosmic Revolution 2", Michael Jacobs, Seattle, WA

"Angel in Wire", Jax K, 11, New York

"The Happy Plant", Brian, Cincinnati, OH

motorcycle, Robert Malouin

Skål, Daniel Larsson SWEDEN

"Are We There Yet?" Char, Louisiana

Saxaphone Player, Chance Roberts, 13 Cincinnati, Ohio

bear, Darryl, 42 California

wire horse, Mat from ROME

Motorbike, Daniel Cordes

joggers, Terry Felts, Ohio

horses, Eric Oduro Aniagyei, Ghana

Kite, Richard Harris

dancer, Wayne

Enjoy this short movie, showcasing the work of 2006 Summer Workshop students: wireinspire