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Let the Wire Inspire by Angela Hook

Let the Wire Inspire by Angela Hook.

This book welcomes you to the magical world of wire art.

Try a new form of artistic expression that is affordable, accessible, and so much fun!

Explore the language of wire as you learn to draw in three-dimensional space. Get in touch with your creative self and discover what your wire wants to be!

Table of Contents:

Searching for a Creative Outlet

The Language of Wire

Exploring the Third Dimension

Wire as Art Therapy

A Project: Energy Angel

Sharing Your Experience

Reader Response:
I read your book and rode the inspiring wave all the way through. What a beautiful work; a gentle and encouraging introduction to creative expression through wire art. You truly inspire me. I loved how you described your work, the wire, everything! Many of your art history and appreciation bits resonated well with the application of this 3D line art form. (And of course I got me some wire and am ready to make my first sculpture!)
— Chris Dunmire, Creative Director & Publisher Creativity Portal

ISBN 1-894326-67-9


Price: $14.95

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