Wire Artist Angela (Hook) Bailey

Angela (Hook) Bailey graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta. There, she was exposed to many forms of art and types of media. In 2002 she began exploring the possibilities of wire as an artistic medium. With few resources existing on the subject, she set out to re-popularize this form of creative expression as well as develop her technical expertise in a craft that seemed to have been forgotten.

“I see my work as ‘linear sculpture’… it’s like drawing without taking your pencil off the paper… only in three dimensions. The continuous line is very important. That is what helps the viewer’s mind to fill in what is not there. It’s a very elegant way of asking the audience to participate in the art, to finish the picture.”

An intimate knowledge of equine behaviour and conformation has allowed most of Angela’s horse sculptures to come from memory and imagination, however, the ability to capture the differences between breeds and disciplines sometimes requires observation or visual references. 


Selected Exhibitions

  • Oct 2003 – Celebration of Western Art – San Francisco, CA (juried group)
  • Oct 2004 – Octoberwest Western Art Show – Heritage Park, Calgary, AB (by invitation)
  • Apr 2006 – Celebration of Western Art – San Francisco, CA (juried)
  • Jul 2006 – Centennial Art Show – Summerland Art Gallery, Summerland, BC (juried group show)
  • Mar 2007 – Art of the West Show and Sale, Cowboy Festival, Kamloops, BC (juried group)
  • Apr 2008 – “Unbridled – An Equine Experience”, Summerland Art Gallery (solo exhibition)
  • Mar 2009 – Art of the West Show and Sale, Cowboy Festival, Kamloops, BC (juried group)


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